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Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit

    2018年4月24日中午,來自戰斗民族的俄羅斯客戶在參加香港展會期間,特意抽出一天時間前來參觀我司工廠,我司華從根、海外商務部代表對他們的到來表示熱烈的歡迎。海外商務部代表介紹說,在對待客戶方面一直比較的重視,而這次作為新開發客戶,并一同前行參觀,對我公司的基本情況和產品的情況與客戶進行了詳細的描述, 俄羅斯客戶代表在參觀了我集團所有生產部門過后,不由稱贊我司是業內較完整、規模較大的手機產業鏈,特別是看過我司產品類型比較的創新和類別繁多、性價比高的產品后,當場挑選了產品,并確定了后期的友好、深入的合作。

     At noon of April 24, 2018, Russian customers from the fighting nationalities took part in a day to visit our factory during the Hongkong exhibition. The representative of the overseas Ministry of Commerce said that it has been paying more attention to the customers, and this time, as a new development customer, and visiting together, the basic situation of our company and the situation of the product are described in detail with the customer. After visiting all the production departments of the group, the Russian customer representative is not praised. Our company is a relatively complete and large scale mobile phone industry chain, especially after seeing the innovation of our product type comparison and various kinds of products with high performance price ratio, we selected the products on the spot and confirmed the friendly and deep cooperation in the later period.

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